Q: I know someone who should be there. How do I recommend someone to be included in Photoma?

A: While Photoma hopes to be as inclusive as possible, the platform focuses on experimentations of Philippine photography in contemporary art, so naturally the platform is not all-encompassing. However, the list of creators that appears on the platform is far from complete. Everyday we learn about more creators and try to contact them and add them to the platform. The platform is also a live one, so expect more creators to be added to the database on a regular basis.

If you would like to recommend anyone who should be on this platform, please email: photomainfo@gmail.com

Q: Do you accept video art or the moving image?Β 

A: We do not deal with video art or the moving image. However, there is already an initiative that archives video art and moving images in the Philippines. Please visit 98B’s Scope

Q: When I see a creator’s work, am I looking at the actual resolution/image quality of the art work? Are the photos compressed for the web?

A: Creators’ works are compressed to around less than 350KB so that the site can load well even on slow internet speeds.

Q: Are you affiliated with any company or art institution?Β 

A: No. However, we do have plans to partner with various entities for future projects.

Q: Is the platform an artist collective or membership club?

A: No. Photoma is a free resource open to the general public, hoping to be a catalyst for practitioners and researchers.

Q: I want to share an essay, interview, exhibit opening, or something similar in the Learn section. How do I do that?

A: Please email photomainfo@gmail.com

Q: I have some ideas/suggestions/comments for Photoma

A: Please email photomainfo@gmail.com

Q: I emailed Photoma but I have not yet received a reply.Β 

A: We check our emails at least every week. Please understand that we are a small team with our own artistic practices. We are most active on Wednesdays.