Marco Ugoy


Why do you take and create images?

It’s the only act that makes me interact with everything without having to be intoxicated.

What motivates your work?

A year ago, my motivation was highly personal and selfish. Now it’s more concentrated on subject matters that involves social issues within my own country.

What relationship does your work have with reality?

What I perceive of a certain view of reality I got to interact with.

For you, what is the purpose of art?

Well, I guess art is for expression, may it be for awareness or merely for selfish reasons so that the audience will get a glimpse of something different or to show a different perspective of something already known.

How do you want the public to respond to your work? Do you have a particular audience in mind?

I have no particular expectation of response towards my work. I actually would like it if there’s a diverse reaction or interpretation when it comes to my work. When it comes to audience, there’s also no limitation. I just want more people to see my work and if they don’t comprehend it, so be it.

What is your training? Were you trained as a photographer?

I had no formal education as a photographer. I started with mastery of form and then I got exposed to theories and principles of traditional and contemporary image making. Although, I’m not shutting out any opportunities to study a more comprehensive program overview of contemporary photography.

How do you define your actual professional situation? What are your expectations?

I still lack experience and exposure, although privileged to be able to do passion projects alongside established photographers/artists who’s work is close to what I do.

It’s hard to live off art. Does this affect you and your work?

Yes. The effect goes both ways, the limitation of gear and funds push me to be more resourceful and find different ways to do my work. But still, of course it’s really difficult.

Have you worked with gallerists, curators, institutions and other art professionals? Can you discuss more about this particular relationship?

I’ve worked with a lot of professionals concentrating on the medium of photography but probably the two most notable people I’ve worked with is Wawi Navarroza and Kevin Kunishi. Wawi Navarroza, a Filipina photographer/artist, I worked under her when she established the first contemporary photo book library in Metro Manila. Kevin Kunishi, a San Francisco photographer, I’ve been working with him since the past year on an archival project about Antoon Postma’s works, an anthropologist and former Catholic priest that dedicated his life to Mangyan’s in the island of Mindoro.

In your opinion, what is the current state of contemporary photography in the Philippines?

It’s still new and looked down upon by many, but it’s progressing.

How do you want contemporary photography to develop in the Philippines?

To have a local established institution focused on contemporary photography.



Name: Marco Ugoy

Address: Manila, Philippines




De LaSalle University Manila (2014 – 2015 | no degree) – Communication Arts (AB-CAM) (No Degree)


  • Curated a photographic group show at an alternative space – May 2017 –
  • Group Exhibition at Kaida Contemporary Gallery – November 2016
  • Commune | Pilipinas Street Plan at Post Gallery Cubao – September 2016
  • Current Obsessions at Webber Gallery Space, London (Group photo exhibit) December 2015
  • Issue #72, F-Stop Magazine (Online group photo exhibit) August – September 2015