Charles Aaron Salazar


Why do you take and create images?

I create images because it’s fun. It’s fun when you can do something out of small pieces of ideas from your head and seeing it turn into another something.

How do you define your photographic/artistic body of work? What subjects do you often explore in your work?

I personally define my body of work as documentary, because all of them are stuff I shot during my job, commute or at home. My subjects are very general, but I explore more of the mundane scenes I encounter and combine it with my humor.

What relationship does your work have with reality?

It doesn’t have. It is reality.

For you, what is the purpose of art?

I don’t really have an answer. But one thing it does in my observation is it starts discussion, either personal or social, it helps us and it makes everything interesting.

How do you want the public to respond to your work? Do you have a particular audience in mind?

I’m not expecting anything on how they will react, but so far they smile and sometimes laugh when seeing my works. I’m targeting the intellectuals and wait how they will complicate my work. Either they comment negative or positive, they make me look β€œmatalino” and I love it.

What is your training? Were you trained as a photographer?

I didn’t have a professional training. I just look at different photos from different photographers and I unconsciously differentiate their styles (not technical). My friends also played a big part in the development of my works. Lastly, the most important is your taste.

How do you define your actual professional situation? What are your expectations?

I’m not a professional photographer.

It’s hard to live off art. Does this affect you and your work?

No, I have my day job. I live off with it and do stuff. If you are saying you can’t have a day job to do art, believe me you can. It’s just preference. And I find it more interesting when I know if an artist has a day job.

Have you worked with gallerists, curators, institutions and other art professionals? Can you discuss more about this particular relationship?

Yes, I love it. Because these institutions balance my freestyle process, they gave me limitations and deadlines and it does something to my work. I also love alternative galleries like 98b because they always offer me different spaces I can work around with.

In your opinion, what is the current state of contemporary photography in the Philippines?

With all the young photographers I know here in the Philippines I can say we’re into something re the state of contemporary photography here in the country. We’re working on our way up starting from self-published stuff to participating in different exhibitions abroad.

How do you want contemporary photography to develop in the Philippines?

I really don’t know because I have a lot in mind but one thing, we also need our audience to develop.



Name: Charles Aaron Salazar

Location: Lives and works in Manila, Philippines.




2008-2012, Bachelor of Arts in Communication, De La Salle University, Lipa City, Batangas



Solo shows

2015 Portals, PAN /// – 98B Collaboratory, Escolta, Manila, Philippines


Group shows

2016, Escape 2016: ILOVEYOU Virus, 98B Collaboratory, Escolta, Manila, Philippines

2016, Alternative Instructions, Altro Mondo at the Picasso, Makati City, Philippines

2014, Hang β€˜Em High, Blanc Gallery, Quezon City, Philippines

2014, Articles of Disagreement (curated by Planting Rice), Lopez Museum and Gallery, Ortigas, Pasig City, Philippines

2013, Casual Encounters, Green Papaya Art Projects, Quezon City, Philippines