“Emptiness, My Cosmic Mate” (Series of 8)

Archival Pigment Print
24 x 36 inches

Has it ever drawned to you that we were born without our permission and we will be taken away without our consent as well? This is just a sad thought. And this is life. This is being human.

This is a series of photos capturing that lurking melancholia, missing piece, lump of longing on the whys and hows of being a piece of humanity. We wake up each day, do the same things, hang out with people and laugh out load. This is the surface, this is the whole stage that we see outside. Inside, there are walls, there is the vast. Aren’t we just hollow skin and bones playing tourists in the space of transience?

This series brings us to our nakedness as people. A closer look to what is inside us and not what is just out there, being seen and being perceived by the spectators. This is a step backward to the fact that each of us is just looking for a space in this microcosm of parallels. We shop for clothes, decorate our bodies with excess accessories, pretend to be this and that, pretend to be stars.. we hit the road and feel huge while being on expensive vehicles, we order fast food and binge eat, we imitate moving objects and superstars.. but in the end, inside us, we know, we really know that we are empty craters near the mouth of infinity. Are we?